Topic outline

  • Using the
    on-screen keyboard

    Just like a computer, we can type emails, text messages and more using our smartphones and tablets. However, unlike computers, they don't come with a traditional separate keyboard. Instead, they use a built-in keyboard that appears on the screen as if by magic whenever you want to type something.

    This can take a little while to get used to as, because of the small screen sizes on our smart devices, the keyboards are very compact and not all of the letters and numbers are on display at the same time.

    In this course, we show you how to activate and use the on-screen keyboard, how to make letters uppercase or lowercase, and how to find those extra characters like numbers and punctuation marks.

    Below you will find three options for learning about the on-screen keyboard.

    • Watch it: There's a short video to watch, demonstrating how to activate and use the on-screen keyboard whilst typing a simple text message.
    • Try it: For smart devices only. If you are using your smart device, why not have a go at practising using the on-screen keyboard. This informative activity takes you through how to send a simple text message.
    • Read it: Read the steps in our handy guide that you can print or save for later. Available in different languages in the Print the guide section at the bottom of this page.